Similarity-Aware Skill Reproduction based on Multi-Representational Learning from Demonstration

Learning from Successful and Failed Demonstrations via Optimization

Towards Mobile Multi-Task Manipulation in a Confined and Integrated Environment with Irregular Objects

Benchmark of Skill Learning from Demonstration Impact of User Experience, Task Complexity, and Start Configuration on Performance

Skill Acquisition via Automated Multi-Coordinate Cost Balancing

Benchmark of Skill Learning from Demonstration

Learning Generalizable Robot Skills from Demonstrations in Cluttered Environments

Real-world experiments using Jaco2 7DOF

Towards Robust Skill Generalization: Unifying Learning from Demonstration and Motion Planning

Real-world experiments using Jaco2 6DOF

Simulating a Virtual Spring-Damper with a Jaco2 Robot Manipulator

Manually Tuned Gravity Compensation on Prentice

Interactive Robot Learning of Visuospatial Skills

Real-world experiments using Barrett WAM

Visuospatial Skill Learning for Object Reconfiguration Tasks

Real-world experiments using Barrett WAM

Autonomous Robotic Valve Turning: A Hierarchical Learning Approach

Real-world experiments using KUKA DLR


Our robot gives out candy on Halloween

IIT Mannequin Challenge "Moving to the Future"

A Robot Xmas Story - IIT

Visuospatial Skill Learning (VSL) has been used by Robotics group in Microsoft [paper]

Real-world experiments using KUKA DLR

PANDORA (Persistent Autonomy through learNing, aDaptation, Observation and Re-plAnning)

PANDORA is an EU FP7-ICT-288273, STREP, research project between 5 universities across Europe.


Robots at Italian Institute of Technology (HyQ, iCub and COMAN)

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