• Multi-Representational Learning from Demonstration through Sequential User Study Development
    ONR award N000141410795
    Georgia Institute of Technology

    (Social Interaction Characteristics for Socially Acceptable Robots).
    SICSAR is a FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IEF - Marie-Curie Action: "Intra-European fellowships for career development".
    * I am not a member of SICSAR but my work on vision has been used in it.

    (What You See Is What You Did)
    WYSIWYD is an EU FP7-ICT-612139, a research project between 6 universities across Europe.

    (Persistent Autonomy through learNing, aDaptation, Observation and Re-plAnning)
    PANDORA is an EU FP7-ICT-288273, STREP, a research project between 5 universities across Europe.
    2012-2014 [Trailer][Repository]

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